IPA Fundamental Rights Projects

Enhancing the Capacities of both Chief Civil Administrators about Crowd Control and the Civil Inspectors about Effective Investigation

Brief Description of the Project and Main Objectives

The objective of the project is to improve the capacities of the civil administrators with critical duties, powers and responsibilities regarding crowd control and the civil inspectors for effective investigation in order to ensure the approximation of the practices in Türkiye with the practices in the EU in this field.

Achieved Results / Expected Outputs

  • Identifying key components of crowd control and effective investigation and preparing procedural guidelines Ensuring practical effectiveness in crowd control and effective investigation in line with the good practices in the EU Under the project, trainings were given to improve crowd control and related investigation competencies of civil inspectors, chief civil administrators and law enforcement officers.
  • During the project, 800 chief civil administrators and 400 law enforcement officers received training on crowd control. 100 civil inspectors were trained in effective investigation regarding crowd control. In addition to the training of trainers, a “Crowd Control Guide” was prepared for chief civil administrators and an “Effective Investigation Guide Regarding Crowd Control” was prepared for civil inspectors. The guides prepared under the project were used in the training programs of the chief civil administrators and civil inspectors. In this context, more than 100 people are trained on crowd control annually through seminars.
  • In the project, the legislation of our country on crowd control was reviewed in terms of the EU standards.