Programming Activities

Programming activity is the activity of selecting projects to be financed for a certain period of time, whether annual or multi-year, within the scope of the fundamental rights sub-field.

The programming process starts with the call made by the Lead Institution to the relevant institutions. The interested public institutions submit their project proposals to the Lead Institution.

Each project proposal is evaluated in terms of relevance and maturity by the Lead Institution and a programming package is prepared.

As a result of the evaluations carried out by the European Union Delegation to Turkey and the European Commission, the programming package is finalized and an Action Document is prepared for the projects included in the programming package.

The programming process ends with the signing of the Financing Agreement, which also includes the prepared Action Document.

You can access the financing agreements, including the Fundamental Rights Sub-Field, at the website of the Central Finance and Contracts Unit. (

Click to access the IPA III Programming Framework Document.

Programming Cycle