Monitoring Activities

As the Lead Institution, the Directorate for EU Affairs is responsible for ensuring the effective, efficient and timely implementation and sustainability of projects under indirect management in the Fundamental Rights Sub-Field. In this context, the Lead Institution carries out monitoring activities.

Monitoring activities are mainly divided into sectoral monitoring and project level monitoring.

Sectoral monitoring activities are carried out within the scope of the Framework Agreement between Türkiye and the European Commission on the Arrangements for Implementation of Union Financial Assistance to the Republic of Türkiye Under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.

The mechanisms used by the Lead Institution within the scope of sectoral monitoring activities:

  • Fundamental Rights Sectoral Monitoring Committee
  • Annual Monitoring Visits by the Lead Institution
  • Project Steering and Management Committees
  • Result-Oriented Monitoring Activities

In addition, the mechanisms used by the National IPA Coordinator (NIPAC) within the scope of national monitoring activities are:

  • IPA Monitoring Committee
  • Result-Oriented Monitoring Activities