IPA Fundamental Rights Projects

Establishing Strong Monitoring, Evaluation and Coordination Mechanism for National Roma Strategy Document (Action Plans)

Brief Description of the Project and Main Objectives

The objective of the project is to support the implementation of the National Roma Strategy Document, to provide effective monitoring and evaluating of the Strategy Document and ensure communication between the relevant institutions.

Achieved Results / Expected Outputs

  • Developing a monitoring and evaluation framework for the implementation of the National Roma Strategy Document
  • Establishing an IT-based monitoring system for effective monitoring of the National Roma Strategy Document
  • Building the capacity of the staff of the relevant public institutions and the Ministry of Family and Social Services for the implementation of the IT-based monitoring system and monitoring-evaluation framework
  • Preparing a Cooperation and Coordination Plan to strengthen cooperation, coordination and communication among stakeholders regarding the monitoring and evaluation of the Strategy Document at national and local levels
  • Raising awareness of different stakeholder institutions at local level, including civil society

Under the project, an IT-based monitoring system was established to effectively monitor the National Roma Strategy Document, and trainings on social inclusion were given to more than 200 public employees. The achievements of the project contributed to the preparation of the Strategy Document for Roma Citizens (2023-2030).