IPA Fundamental Rights Projects

Implementing Gender-Responsive Planning and Budgeting in Türkiye

Brief Description of the Project and Main Objectives

The objective of the project is to contribute to women’s empowerment and gender equality in Türkiye through systematic and sustainable integration of gender equality perspective into all stages of national and local policy-making and budgeting processes.

The project is carried out in collaboration with the relevant public institutions at the central level and four pilot municipalities (Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Edirne Municipality) selected at the local level as well as local non-governmental organizations in the aforementioned municipalities.

Achieved Results / Expected Outputs

  • Increasing the awareness of national and local authorities on gender responsive budgeting practices in order to support women’s empowerment
  • Increasing the capacity of central and local governments to develop plans and programs that ensure women’s and men’s access to equal rights and opportunities
  • Strengthening effective inspection and traceability infrastructure by improving the capacities of women’s organizations
  • Including the principle of gender responsive budgeting in the 2022-2024 Budget Preparation Guide published by the Presidency of Strategy and Budget under the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye at the central level and the 2023-2025 Budget Preparation Guide for Municipalities, Affiliated Administrations and Unions published by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change

With the project, significant progress has been made in gender responsive budgeting. Indicators on gender responsive budgeting are included in the 2022-2024 Budget Preparation Guide published by the Presidency of Strategy and Budget. 600 people, consisting of deputies and middle and senior public officials, were informed about gender equality. The budgets of four public institutions, including the Directorate for EU Affairs, are subjected to a budgeting analysis based on gender equality in a pilot application.