IPA Fundamental Rights Projects

Technical Assistance for Strengthening Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination

Brief Description of the Project and Main Objectives

The aim of the project is to strengthen institutional coordination and cooperation among stakeholders in the field of fundamental rights.

Achieved Results / Expected Outputs

  • Establishment and operation of the Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination Platform
  • Development of the capacity of the Lead Institution and the members of the Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination Platform on fundamental rights
  • Raising awareness of the stakeholders and the public on fundamental rights
  • Under the project, 10 thematic areas are identified in order to address fundamental rights in all their dimensions. These thematic areas are: Freedom of Expression and Information, Prevention of Torture and Ill Treatment, Freedom of Assembly and Association, Women’s Rights, Children’s Rights, Rights of the Persons with Disabilities, Institutionalization of Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination, Digital Rights and Horizontal Issues. Coordination and capacity building activities are carried out within the framework of these thematic areas.

As of April 2023, coordination meetings and training activities in eight themes were completed.

Moreover, it is planned to support public institutions in preparing strategies and action plans in the field of fundamental rights, and to train law enforcement officers on human rights.