Project Components

Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination Platform

The Directorate for EU Affairs, as the Lead Institution of the IPA Fundamental Rights Sub-Field, carries out programming, monitoring and evaluation activities in the fundamental rights field.

Under the Technical Assistance for Strengthening Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination Project carried out by the Directorate for EU Affairs, it is envisaged to establish a Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination Platform. Platform meetings will be held annually with the participation of stakeholder institutions active in the field of fundamental rights.

The objectives of the platform are:

  1. To ensure complementarity between ongoing projects,
  2. To facilitate cooperation and communication between beneficiary institutions from a sectoral perspective, and
  3. To develop a participatory approach to programming activities under the IPA Fundamental Rights priority.


The Guidelines of the Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination Platform have been prepared for the participants and serves as a guide on the structure and operation of the platform.